We Need Help

So everyone wants to be in the movies right? Now you can… Sort of. You can help finance the production of demented films projects. How you ask, there are several ways, on the side bar is a tip jar and lower on the side bar is a Amazon Honor system box, clicking on either of these (both go to the same place) will let you donate money directly to demented to use on the films, donate as much as you can please! Another way to help is to go to the demented films store also linked on the sidebar and buying stuff. If you live in Central Florida (or are willing to come here or pay for us to go to you) and want to give us vast amounts of money (or less) you can contact us or leave a comment. We could also use equipment, software and supplies if you can provide them. If you just want to help out you can also try out for a part or work as a crew member behind the scenes. If you do any of these and you want, we will put your name in the credits. Leave a comment to contact us. Thanks

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